Director's statement

It has been very easy for us to forget about war. We have been very quick to adapt to a comfortable lifestyle, pursuing a career, sipping latte in on-trend spots and partying in our free time. Too quick, perhaps. Because it turns out that, really, the times we live in are not peaceful at all. Conflict may well still lie ahead of us... and what kind of people will we be then? That is the primary question I pose in the film.

Personally, I think we will be helpless. ‘It's not our war’. ‘We just wanted to live life and enjoy it’. But is that not always the case, in every country? War is not a civilians’ affair, yet it is impossible to escape it. One has to take some kind of stance. Where will we be then? On which side?

Our deep, subconscious fear of war supplants the notion that ‘it won’t happen to us’, rendering it even more menacing. This is the theme I wanted to tackle in the film. The fear that I, too, feel. Today. Now.